The classics

Our menu is ever-changing. That’s it. We make what inspires us and what we believe will make people happy.

That being said, we have a few staples- The Classics.

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Chocolate chip cookies

We are not shy to say that our Chocolate Chip Cookies are the best damn C.C.C. you’ll ever have. There’s chocolate chip in every bite, enough salt to balance the sweetness, and a hint of molasses to make ‘em nice and rich.



Dark, rich, fudgy, all the things you want in a Brownie. Made with the right cocoa powder and dark chocolate to produce the perfect bittersweet taste. Oh, we also put coffee in them, so that’s a thing.



Made with more brown sugar and browned butter than your waistline will appreciate. This Blondie is loaded with chocolate chips and a “healthy” portion of whatever kind of nut Marissa feels like putting into it.



Who doesn’t love a perfect Cream Puff? Our Puffs are topped with a thin layer of streusel to add an extra bit of crunch. What are they filled with, you may ask? You tell us.


Savory Brioche

A fluffy all-butter Brioche Roll that’s stuffed with a variety of cheeses, herbs, and seasonings and wrapped in bacon like a pretty little bow. It’s truly a full breakfast in one delightful package.

*Different shapes, fillings, and toppings are available upon request or as the chefs see fit. Fret not my foodies, all the Savory Brioche variations are to die for!